Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Questions

  • What happens if the restaurant does not deliver an item on my order?
    • The restaurant should get in touch with you directly to explain the situation and provide a remedy. You may agree to a substitute or agree to not have the item you had originally ordered.
    • If the latter, the restaurant may provide you with a cash refund or 2) The restaurant authorises Dine In to provide a refund on their behalf.
    • We obviously rely on the restaurant updating Dine In however please do email us at providing your order number and situation. Dine In will act on your behalf and provide the refund after speaking to the restaurant concerned.
    • Don’t fret re any refund situation. If you didn’t receive an order or item on the order, quite simply you will receive a refund.
  • What happens if the restaurant declines my order?
    • We go whaaat! and then contact the restaurant to seek the reason.
    • Dine In proceeds to provide a refund. You will always receive a refund for a decline so please do not worry.
    • If you paid via POLI (Great choice by the way) can you please email us with your order number and bank account details at
      • We do not store this information however can track the payment amount easily.
    • For credit card payments, we are able to refund without any action from you. We do not see the credit card information however our payment gateway service allows us to track the order and place a refund.
    • The restaurant should make contact with you, however on the rare occasion this has happened it has been for reasons for 1) the restaurant has decided to close earlier than normal (no ingredients left, lack of staff or other reason) . 2) Change of hours for the day, i.e. Public Holiday was originally planning to be opened but subsequently closes.
    • A decline, whilst not pleasant should be quick after first placing your order. This should allow you to choose another restaurant.